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The innovative technology partner

Although Sitech Services today occupies a unique pioneering position in the market, the company is still quite young. Sitech Services was set up in 2008 from several DSM departments that provided on-site services. We will soon be entering a new phase with the privatization of our companies. What remains is the strength of our people; teams of specialists have worked closely together, using their vast knowledge and experience of the process industry to serve the best interests of the customer.

Our aim is to help our clients in the process industry move up to the next level. As a genuine ‘integrator’, we will achieve this not by operating from separate units, but by ensuring that everything works together in perfect harmony within a fully data-driven environment.

Through this approach, we can continue to be what we are: the innovative technology partner achieving maximum plant performance and cost-effectiveness.

Maintaining a steady flow of innovation

Sitech Services has always been renowned for its combination of expertise and reliability, and for its determination to constantly innovate. With the Chemelot site serving as a ‘playing field’, the company is and always has been close to the plants, where market leaders such as AnQore, Fibrant, OCI Nitrogen, Arlanxeo, Borealis and DSM are among the regular customers. This has provided not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but also a unique opportunity to put innovations and ideas for improvements to direct use.

With the focus now on extensive digitization and service integration as the new accelerator for the future, Sitech Services has grown into the professional high-tech engineering service provider at Chemelot, and far beyond.

We work within the full scope of:

  • ICT 
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical engineering

Directly anticipating your needs

Comprehensive customer service, reliable manpower and expertise at project level, far-reaching innovation and digitization, and extensive support services – together, these strike the perfect balance between thinking and doing, with the focus being placed firmly on tomorrow’s technological requirements and needs.

Since we are arranged into specialist business units, we can directly anticipate and respond to your needs. To achieve this, we set up dedicated teams who will put their heart and soul into finding the best solution for you – this could be anything from a structural solution integrated into your plant or factory, to a flexible solution provided from our pool of highly qualified technicians. No matter the circumstances, we will offer you a customized solution that will set you apart from your competitors.

Our management team

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