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People, plant and process

The process industry 4.0 demands extensive digitization of maintenance procedures, together with a stable and secure infrastructure. This combination is absolutely crucial – without it, the process industry in Europe would disappear. Software will increasingly have to carry out the jobs humans once performed. In short: everything is going to communicate with each other.

Our aim is to help our clients in the process industry move up to the next level. As a genuine ‘integrator’, we will achieve this not by operating from separate units, but by ensuring that everything works together in perfect harmony within a fully data-driven environment.

We’re doing this by developing the future plant that:

  • leads the way with smart industry
  • operates preventively in stead of correctively
  • is sustainable in the broadest sense
  • is perfectly safe
  • provides maximum benefits
  • communicates
  • presents absolutely zero surprises

As we see it, there is a permanent interaction between three pillars within the process industry: People, Plant and Process. We have therefore spread our services across these three Ps and grouped them into nine areas of interest. This way, we can cover the entire field from industry & manufacturing services to technology & support expertise.

People: safety and efficiency

People includes every service relating to people’s safety and efficiency. We make sure, for example, that there is a safe working environment and infrastructure in the plant. We also ensure that all on-boarding, training and compliance procedures go smoothly – for instance, we offer an intelligent digital system which considerably speeds up on-site registration and monitoring of individuals.

Plant: optimum functionality

This means providing full maintenance and technical support, and making any changes that may be needed or wanted. We also design, supply, install and maintain future-proof IT systems. In addition, at our Asset Health Center, we’re able to keep our finger on the pulse by constantly checking that plant equipment is operating correctly and reliably.

Data Monitoring is one of the services we use to optimize the process.

Process: essential utilities

This relates to everything from essential utilities such as water and electricity, to up-do-date MRO services and spare parts and supply chain management. We also examine and inspect installations, with manual checks gradually being superseded by online processing operations based on monitoring.

And last but not least, we provide support when it comes to obtaining permits, recycling materials and parts, reusing heat, processing waste and saving energy.

Four dimensions

Our activities focus on a number of important work areas within the process industry. Among these, we stand out particularly in debottlenecking, data monitoring, managed services and studio 4.0 (efficiency pioneering). These four dimensions are deeply embedded in our long-standing expertise, and form part of our ongoing commitments to innovation and providing even better returns to our customers.

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