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Predictive analytics to improve plant performance

Are you lost in the complexity of Industry 4.0? Or haven’t you started your digital transformation yet because you are struggling with the first steps? Sitech Asset Health Center can help you with that.

We combine decades of experience in maintenance support with data analytics. Through a strong network of partners and suppliers, we deliver an integrated solution for the process industry.

Be in control and drive your plant remotely
It is our mission to provide you with an early and accurate prediction of assets health to improve your performance in SHEQ, up-time, cost, product volume and quality.

We are ready to support your organization with the transition to Industry 4.0. Are you ready tot take this journey with us? Read more about our solutions we have to offer you by downloading our brochure.

Our focus

What is your organizations maturity level?

In the area of predictive maintenance, the need of condition-based monitoring cannot be overstated. The first step towards true predictive maintenance, in which you predict the maintenance requirements based on telemetric data and experience, is data-readiness. Challenges include data-recording, data-collection and data-management.

We support you with connectivity, data-science applications and monitoring services, but we also acknowledge the first steps towards condition-based monitoring. We start with assessing the quality, methods and infrastructure by which the data is collected and support you with improvements to your systems, making them truely data-ready.

Select and implement your smart sensors

Smart sensors are sensors that can do more than just take measurements. In the world of IIoT, smart sensors can support your data-mesh throughout your plant, pre-process the data to retrieve the information that you need and be reprogrammed to grow with your ever-changing needs. Smart sensors have become computers and challenge traditional concepts of hardware life cycles, installation requirements and challenge the already planned Turn Arounds.

We support you in smart sensor adoption by assessing the functional requirements, ordering and implementing the sensors. In doing so, we involve ourselves in planning and scheduling of the plant and focus on the running-process to improve your SHEQ-scores.

New data, new insights

A data-driven organization wants to leverage the value that is 'hidden' within the data. What data should be stored, and which should be forgotten? On the one-side, we aim at improving the pre-existing process of our customers, providing insights as statistically approximated Remainder Use Life of FMEA-based models.

We also support you improving the processes by introducing novel technologies and insights. This can include training for in-house staff and out-house services. Having the right people and processes is essential for developing the analytical methods that are applicable for your organization. 

Interpret digital insights into meaningful actions

The most critical part of the industry 4.0 transformation is the adoption of the new technologies that are available. On the one hand, new technologies can be implemented that 'just' work and leverage value accordingly. Maximum value is generated when the new technologies impact 'how you do things'. 

For this reason, we help you with monitoring services that support the information stream of engineers. We also support the development and/or revision of quality management policies, safety policies and environmental impact analysis. As a Sitech Business Unit we have access to decades of experience in SHEQ and controlling. 

Roadmap to success

The implementation of Condition Based Monitoring can be a complex undertaking. Through our years of implementation experience we defined a roadmap to success to ensure the successful implementation of the solution. This is our vision on how to implement Condition Based Monitoring to get real results.

Get in touch

Do you want to know more about our solution? Or are you interested in a brainstorming session with us? We would be delighted to meet you! Contact us via sahc@sitech.nl or leave your contact details using the form. We will contact you as soon as possible. 

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