Long-standing expertise and ongoing commitments

A distinctive position in four dimensions

Our activities focus on a number of important areas of work within the process industry. Among these, we stand out particularly in debottlenecking, data monitoring, managed services and studio 4.0.

These four dimensions are deeply embedded in our long-standing expertise, and form part of our ongoing commitments to innovation and providing even better returns to our customers. By analysing and optimizing, we are able to maximize their results.

We work within the full scope of ICT and mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineering with our engineers, technicians and consultants.

Differentiating in managed services, debottlenecking and data monitoring

Our activities are focused on a number of key work areas within the process industry and anchored in our long-standing expertise and permanent focus on innovation and efficiency improvement for our customers. By analyzing and optimizing, we know how to maximize their results. With our engineers, technicians and consultants operating from the full scope of ICT, mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical.

Managed services

In order to take complete charge of our clients’ processes, we need to go the extra mile. If you need us to resolve a certain problem, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll do the rest! We can therefore run an entire process on your behalf, which naturally includes debottlenecking and data monitoring. We have every expertise to optimize your working conditions and process safety. Our fire brigade is known as the best site firebrigade and our wastewater treatment aims to minimize the ecological impact on the environment.

Data Monitoring

In order to respond appropriately to any situation, having the right knowledge at the right time is crucial. At Sitech Data Monitoring, we collect and analyse data and generate information from it. Using our expertise combined with artificial intelligence, we are able to predict given situations and prevent them from arising in the future. Our integrated approach is regarded as revolutionary for the process industry.


Organic and fault-free processes are crucial within the process industry. There must be a seamless and non-stop connection between all links in the chain, and everything must continue to flow. Any ‘bottleneck’ disrupting flow can lead to production stoppages and generate considerable costs. Sitech Services ensures that any ‘bottlenecks’ are quickly detected and resolved, so that everything can continue to flow.

Our service lines

Sitech's services broadly focus on three areas: Managed Services, Technology and Operate. Our services are organized into 5 service lines, which complement and reinforce each other. The collaboration between these services and our scale is unique in the market. 

Technology & Innovation

Bundled knowledge to maximize plant performance. Whether it concerns safety, sustainability or plant performance; our highly trained specialists support customers across the board to produce smarter, differently and better.

Fire Brigade & Security

As specialists in incident response in industrial and research environments, Sitech provides high-quality fire and security care 24/7, managing incidents and minimizing impacts to local residents and the environment.


Factory maintenance; from work preparation to purchasing and subcontracting: we take responsibility for the entire scope. Under the direction of strong management teams, who bring in specialists when necessary.

Turn Arounds

Large-scale plant maintenance is a core business of Sitech, in which we relieve our customers from A to Z. After scope definition and offering appropriate engineering packages, we manage the entire process including cost estimating, sourcing & materials supply, contractor and execution management.


At Sitech, turn-key really is turn-key; our services in the field of improvement projects and modifications to installations are particularly extensive. In addition to design and engineering, we also arrange all necessary permits and look to the future with maintenance and spare parts strategy.

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