Respond appropriately to any situation

Data Monitoring

In order to respond appropriately to any situation, having the right knowledge at the right time is crucial. At Sitech Data Monitoring, we collect and analyse data and generate information from it. Using our expertise combined with artificial intelligence, we are able to predict given situations and prevent them from arising in the future. Our integrated approach is regarded as revolutionary for the process industry.

Our three Data Monitoring solutions

Sitech Asset Health Center

At our Sitech Asset Health Center (SAHC), our engineers monitor items of equipment and analyse Plant and Process information. We are currently monitoring over 500 items of equipment in real time.

At Sitech Solutions, we believe that prevention is better than cure – which is why we opened the Sitech Asset Health Center back in 2013, with the aim of using and combining as much data as possible in order to provide reliable predictive maintenance.

During the successful pilot phase, a digital model of a filter was even able to predict an impending defect six days in advance. This marked a major breakthrough, since such levels of forewarning present significant benefits, such as being able to temporarily shut down and then restart an installation more quickly, or deploy engineers during the day.

Based on the pilot, dozens of items of equipment have already been digitized in quick time. The goal is to roll this out in at least 5000 items of equipment over the next three years, at Chemelot and elsewhere. To ascertain whether predictive maintenance is profitable, we need to make sure we have all the necessary data. Since old sensors are not able to provide this, additional data is usually needed. We are also working on a customized IT platform based entirely on predictive maintenance.

Alert & Care center

The correct response is crucial in a crisis. The Alert & Care Center has access to all the latest information needed to make the right decisions.


Digitizing is the first step in creating the future plant, with optimal effect and safe. We currently have prototypes for 33 different kinds of rotary equipment, electrical instruments and static items of equipment.

A clear development strategy

The first steps towards the future plant have already been taken, and we have a clear development strategy in place for achieving our goals and meeting our clients’ every demand. A growth dynamic is integral to our strategy. We know that we cannot achieve this on our own, so we are working together with our partners in an ecosystem known as ‘Intellinet’. One component of the Intellinet is our Studio 4.0, where we are developing the services and solutions we need to make our dreams a reality.

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