Within Sitech we made the decision to use SAP Ariba in the P2P (Purchase to Pay) process. Below some additional explanation about this decision.

We have chosen a system that will improve both your and our efficiency and SAP Ariba can help us to achieve this.

During the optimization of our processes we have evaluated and tested a number of systems, and we have chosen implementation of SAP Ariba.

With SAP Ariba we have access to the largest business network and  Best-in-Class cloud procurement system in the market. This makes our connection with our supplier network the largest. Chances are that you already are connected on the Ariba network.

Using ASN will enable us to improve the process of exchanging information (from order to invoice).

By using the ASN we can exchange information easier and more efficient. We can distinguish three types of accounts:

  • Manual (Light Account)
  • Semi automatic (Full Enablement)
  • Fully integrated (Integrated)

This means that from now on, your organization will receive purchase orders from Sitech via the ASN.

Returning the required order confirmation and subsequent invoice will also go through the ASN. The current way of exchanging orders and invoices will cease to exist.

Please see the links below for more information.

Short instruction

Link to Ariba support page

Frequently Asked Questions

Support via Teamviewer

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