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We deliver, on time and complete, materials and services for our customers. Mainly to support Projects, Turn Arounds, Maintenance and Site services for Chemelot. By managing the entire process from market exploration to the delivery of materials and people in one team, we are able to respond flexible and quick to changes in the market and changes in customer demand. In doing so, we look far ahead at how the market develops, as well as nearby to place the right purchase orders quickly on the market. Our professionals offer tailor-made support, so that problems afterwards are prevented. Clear agreements and an ongoing test of commercial conditions on quality, delivery reliability and market conformity, ensure the right connection between customer demand and supplier market, including all changes and developments.

Planning and execution of Projects, Turn Arounds, Maintenance and Site services for Chemelot is not possible without purchasing materials and services; more than 65% of our turnover consists of purchasing. By merging purchasing and logistics, we can respond quickly and flexibly to the questions that Sitech receives as a service provider. By storing and managing strategic stocks for our customers and by our professional, strategic purchasing team, we help our customers even further with unburdening.

On this webpage you will find the most important documents that help us guarantee a good operational purchasing process by clearly describing agreements and expectations. In addition, we expect everyone in the process to follow the guidelines below:

  • We order right, so deliver right: We expect to get what we order: on time, with the requested quality.
  • Acknowledge: A delivery date for each order, an order confirmation for each order.
  • Inform: Every delivery goes through our logistics process, reference to PO / line number are essential.
  • No ‘P.O.’, no pay: Invoices without an order, or different amounts or numbers stated in the order, are seen as not ordered.
  • Communicate: If something goes wrong, our buyers are ready to solve problems. Get in touch with them.
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