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A sustainable Chemelot requires a sound water strategy

Brightsite is committed to creating a sustainable chemical industry. This is not just about the reduction of CO2 emissions at Chemelot – circular water management is also high on the list of objectives within program line 3, ‘Process Innovation’.

Circular Water Program for Chemelot
Water is increasingly becoming a social issue, given the increase in droughts and heavy rain. The water cycle at the Chemelot site is used for basic processes such as cooling, heating (steam) and safety. At 44 million cubic meters per year, Chemelot is a major water user and is dependent on water. Water is crucial for the functioning of the plants. Chemelot wants to optimize the water purification and reduce their water consumption. In order to achieve this, Brightsite have launched the ‘Circular Water for Chemelot’ program.

Want to know more about Chemelot’s ambitions on circular water?
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