AnQore turnaround onboarding ultimate test for ENTER

ENTER is the digital platform developed by Sitech Services
 for the onboarding and training of workers in the industry 
and construction sector. The training sessions can be followed in an interactive, user-friendly and location-independent manner. How does ENTER work in practice? The recent turnaround at AnQore was the ultimate test: more than 1,500 new workers had to learn quickly how to work safely and in line with the rules at the Chemelot site. 

Investing in proactive workers
“The onboarding for a turnaround is always difficult,” starts Sven Ritt (Turnaround Manager at Sitech Services). “A lot of new people arrive who have to adapt to the standards we use at this site. It is also important for them to know about the specific risks and hazards of the plant.” Gui Hoedemakers (HSE Manager at AnQore): “As AnQore we want to have fewer rules, less paperwork and invest in proactive workers. ENTER’s onboarding dovetails perfectly with this.” 

Knowing and understanding rules 
Project Assistant Danique Wouters from Sitech Services: “The advantage of testing during a turnaround is that you are dealing with a well-defined group and timeframe. The disadvantage: the people speak different languages and are not familiar with the site or the plant. As it was important to us that these people not only knew the rules, but understood them as well, the training was available in 11 languages. In addition, ENTER makes use of universally recognizable pictograms and we can set up part of the program to match the customer’s own corporate identity. “In addition to this, we organized practical training days on which the turnaround workers could specifically familiarize themselves with the plants and the work,” adds Gui. 

Significantly reduced waiting times 
One of the goals of the pilot was to reduce waiting times at the gate. “We also wanted to be a good host and show that we ‘consciously work safely together’ here,” explains Sven. This required careful preparations. Danique: “We agreed with contractors that their workers would follow the ENTER training in advance. 76% did this and only needed to collect their company cards at the gate. Partly by implementing measures on site for the people who still had to complete the training, we managed to reduce the waiting times for this turnaround by 1,000 to 1,500 hours.” 

Excellent SHE performance 
Another example of this approach: more grip on quality. The data from ENTER can be used to manage everything even better. Gui: “We used to have group training sessions and there would be no insight into individual results. We now refused to accept people who did not pass the training in 5 attempts. During the practical training days, we also refused technicians who did not have the right technical skills. Thanks to this complete package, we performed excellently in the field of safety, health & environment. ENTER definitely contributed to this.” 

ENTER as new standard at Chemelot site 
The success will continue. Danique: “The Operational Board has confirmed the success of the pilot and is considering using ENTER to control access to the Chemelot site in the future. We are extremely proud of this!”

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