Sitech wins Asset Performance 4.0 Award

We are so proud of winning the Asset Performance 4.0 Award of BEMAS on 27 October 2021! A great achievement and an important recognition for our work and our team, working on Data & AI driven Plant Optimization. With the case 'Winings failure on electrical motor and heat exchanger fauling' we prove artificial Intelligence driven benefits: reduction of operational costs and maintenance costs, improvement of performance and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Congrats to the entire Sitech Team!

At the Asset Performance 4.0 Conference in Antwerp, BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association, awarded the third Asset Performance 4.0 Award. During the awards show tech entrepreneur Peter Hinssen presented an inspiring keynote about the Day After Tomorrow in Asset Performance. How can companies prepare for the future and how can you help your company in staying relevant The Day After Tomorrow? Peter Hinssen inspired the participants with refreshing insights. Remotive, Saudi Aramco and Sitech Services were the finalists. Out of the 3 finalists, Sitech Services was crowned as the winner live in the Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp.

And the winner is... Sitech Services

The jury decided that Sitech Services takes the award home. BEMAS: "Sitech Services’ highly innovative digital solution enables businesses to apply condition-based monitoring strategies. The inhouse system provides a service dashboard that allows maintenance teams to get all the information they need about the condition of plant and machinery. Initial challenges, such as bad connectivity of IIoT sensors, were swiftly overcome and the Sitech Services team now provide clients with a first-class service that helps them to reduce asset downtime and minimize maintenance costs."

The jury concluded that the cases that were shown by Sitech Services were the most relevant for the criteria of this award. Erwin Bovyn explains: “Sitech Services has developed a mature product with a very high degree of digitization, with an approach that includes machine learning and self learning aspects, that truly were eye-openers. They created very impactful results. A very strong point is that their algorithms are linked to the engineers in the field.” The jury concludes that Sitech’s approach is a very comprehensive and accurate approach to maintenance using artificial intelligence. Sitech Services takes the time and trouble to verify and double check everything in the field, where maintenance teams and engineers can give their input. An ideal combination and a deserved winner of the Asset Performance 4.0 Award 2021.

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