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Developments in ‘Industry 4.0’ are progressing at break-neck speed, and many companies are committed to innovation to help preserve their raison d’être in the future. At Sitech, we’re also considering new technologies that can help us take our process industry clients to the next level. But, we have to be open and honest – implementing these new technologies will involve some trial and error. Innovation is an ongoing process of experimentation and improvement.

The Path to a Digital Plant
At Sitech Asset Health Center, we are busy testing, implementing, optimizing, and communicating new technologies that enable digital monitoring. We have taken the initial steps and are seeing a lowering of the threshold for more technicians and engineers, enabling them to digitally measure the conditions of plant parts with the aid of smart sensors. From a safety perspective, the ultimate aim would be to have as few people as possible inside plants. To achieve this, we are researching the following next steps with various clients on the Chemelot site.

Optimization upon Optimization
When I look at the new Industry 4.0 technologies, it would seem that everything is possible and anything is achievable. Some projects succeed; some don’t. That’s disappointing, of course, but it forces us to go back and look for alternatives, and that creates a process of optimization upon optimization.

Over the past few years here at Sitech and Sitech Asset Health Center, we have been looking increasingly towards the future and the issues that may arise. We are a research environment, driven by innovation. Where once we implemented an innovation from version 2.0 onwards, we’re now thinking as soon as the concept emerges. That costs time and money and requires discussion, but is essential in allowing us to take the next step.

Innovation through Investment
Finding the “golden egg” at the concept stage is not possible. Innovation can only succeed through investment in concepts and pilot projects. And for that, we need clients and suppliers, who need to be confident in the new technologies of the future. By bundling our expertise and skills, we can conceive innovative solutions for the future.

Is it time for your organization to meet the challenge of digital innovation? We’d be happy to work with you. Send me an email, so that we can put our heads together and look at how we can support your organization.

Bart Kooyman

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