Better incident handling using a drone team

The Sitech drone team has recently been deployed not only on the Chemelot site, but also in Limburg and part of Southeast Brabant. On September 1, we entered into a unique collaboration with the South Limburg Security Region (VRZL) for incident response in the region. Sitech’s specially trained drone team can be deployed 24/7 and is one of five teams currently operational in the Netherlands. The use of drones has proven to be of great added value in managing incidents.

Collaboration with South Limburg Security Region

VRZL and Sitech Services have been working together for years in the areas of gas suits, specialist deployment and foam extinguishing. Our fire brigade has specialist knowledge and equipment at its disposal, and organizing these specialisms for the Security Region involves high costs in terms of equipment and personnel. The collaboration was therefore an obvious next step.

Deployable 24/7
Thanks to the collaboration between the company fire brigade and the Security Region, we have a team that is deployable 24/7 in this region, both on and off the site. By using a drone, incidents can be managed considerably more efficiently. The drone is equipped with special cameras, which the fire brigade uses to observe a fire from above. Drone images can also help the police with investigations or traffic accidents.

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