Chemelot companies celebrate 80 years of collaboration in development of sustainable materials and processes

With 90 companies and institutes based at its premises, Brightlands Chemelot Campus has grown to become a leading innovation hub in the field of sustainable materials. Many new applications have made their way from Geleen into society and played a pioneering role in various sectors. These days, the campus is directing its full focus on the development of a new generation of sustainable materials. During the Feel the Chemistry Festival, campus companies and institutes will be looking ahead toward an innovative future built on a solid foundation of 80 years of science and innovation in materials.

Brightlands Chemelot Campus focuses on entirely on sustainability and circularity
The entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes based at the campus will demonstrate how they work together on the development of circular materials and sustainable processes and contributing to new cell therapy processes. These developments improve the quality of life and help tackle climate change and resource scarcity. Today more than 3900 scientists, researchers, students and entrepreneurs are working together at the campus to accelerate the steps that need to be taken to build a healthy and sustainable world. They do this within a unique and groundbreaking materials innovation ecosystem, Brightlands Chemelot Campus. 

DSM Lab: Building on 80 years of science and innovation
In 1940, DSM opened its Central Laboratory in Geleen for fundamental and applied research. Eighty years later, the lab is part of a strong community, an inspiring breeding ground boasting the latest technical facilities, state-of-the-art labs and advanced pilot plants.

Breeding ground for innovation
At the campus in Geleen, new, innovative and sustainable materials are conceived and developed. These range from recyclable or biodegradable packaging for ice cream, smart and sustainable solar panel solutions for solar parks to car roofs, to technologies for a variety of surfaces such as car roofs, durable rubber, 100% recyclable and bio-based furniture panels, carpets and mattresses as well as biomedical materials such as replacement heart valves. These innovative solutions form the foundation for a circular and sustainable society and ultimately contribute to better healthcare.

Make the difference
These developments are all necessary as Bert Kip, CEO of the campus, knows all too well. “Society is facing enormous challenges. The COVID-19 outbreak makes the urgency to tackle problems even greater. Brightlands Chemelot Campus is playing an increasingly important role in these efforts. In the past, it had been a cradle of innovation with pilot plants that have become the standard for the entire world. Today, it is an innovation campus that is ready to meet the challenges of the future; in fact, together with our partners in the region, we are already hard at work on developing the first Circular Hub in Europe, among other things.”

Deputy Ruud Burlet is proud of the latest developments. “This region will soon be known as the leader in circular entrepreneurship, circular innovations and circular education. It is the place to be for talent committed to fostering sustainable economic growth and broad social prosperity.”

“DSM is proud of its rich history of scientific research and development, and of the powerful materials expertise center that we have developed here in recent years with our partners,” says Koen Janssen, responsible for innovation and research at DSM Biomedical. “By continuing to build on this strong foundation, making the most of our collective innovative strength and seeking even closer partnerships, we can keep pursuing our important contribution to society and address the challenges of a rapidly changing world.”

The festival is a joint initiative of companies and institutions located on Brightlands Chemelot Campus: AMIBM | ARLANXEO | Brightlands Materials Center | Brightlands Venture Partners | Chemelot | Chemelot Circular Hub | CHILL | DSM | Innosyn | Ioniqa |Kembit | Kriya | Lamoral | Lonza | Maastricht University | Metgen| Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation | Mitsui | Quinlyte | SABIC | Sappi | Sitech | Yparex | ZUYD University | Brightlands Chemelot Campus

Sitech is proud to be part of the campus community and "Festival feel the chemistry".

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