Delta Plan Chemelot limits risks of flooding

Because the sewage system of the Chemelot site cannot drain the extreme amounts of water that are the result of climate change, the risk of flooding and factory downtime increases. The Delta Plan Chemelot must prevent this.

Preventing downtime of critical installations and accesses
The consequences of climate change are noticeable, this also applies to Chemelot. In July 2014, the Brightlands Chemelot Campus flooded and the electricity supply of a factory threatened to fall out. To be prepared for the future, Sitech Services decided to develop the Delta Plan Chemelot. This in consultation with key stakeholders on the site: SABIC, DSM Netherlands, Brightlands Chemelot Campus and USG. The Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg advised not to increase the sewerage capacity, but to direct the surplus water to places where it poses no additional risk.

Marcel Roost (Business Unit manager Site Infrastructure):

 “The effects of climate change can no longer be ignored."

Capture consequences
To prevent unwanted scenarios such as failures of critical installations and entrance gates, it is necessary to predict what will happen in case of heavy rainfall. For this purpose, the computer model of Nelen-Schuurmans, specialist in water management, was used. This model simulates different scenarios, taking into account the capacity of the sewage system, height differences and the characteristics of rain showers. The model immediately shows the amount of water left behind and the risk areas.

Reduce site risk structurally
If the effects of heavy rainfall become clear, appropriate measures can be taken. Such as the construction of buffers for the collection of water and the construction of dikes and ditches to lead the water to places where it can do no harm. The major bottlenecks resulting from the computer model are resolved in consultation with site users, so that the risk for the entire site will be structurally reduced in the coming years.

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