E-learning for the process industry

Sitech Services is developing a unique Learning Management System for the onboarding, training and sharing of knowledge within organizations. It is intended to monitor the development of employees, but also to get new or temporary employees to work quickly and effectively. But what is the ultimate goal? To achieve a high-quality system that is regarded as standard within the process industry.

Umbrella system with continuous testing of required knowledge
Sebastiaan de Reede (Business Unit Manager HR Services) explains: "Research into the onboarding of employees at the Chemelot site shows that the way in which they acquire the knowledge, skills and the right behavior to work well here is outdated. We want everyone on this site to receive good onboarding and we want to be able to constantly check whether everyone has the correct knowledge that is in keeping with the access they have to the site and factories. We are building an intelligent Learning Management System with possibilities for effective training and sharing of up-to-date knowledge via, for example, an app based on this need. This is for Chemelot first and foremost, but ultimately for the entire process industry."

Integrating the latest training techniques
"The new system is didactically sound and equipped with the latest training techniques", he continues. "These are developed in parallel within Sitech Services. For example, we are working on an instruction for mechanics using virtual reality. By using 3D scans of the factories, a life-like situation is created. A game has recently been developed for our fire brigade organization that allows firefighters to familiarize themselves with the commands of fire-fighting vehicles before they take to the road. These applications will soon be integrated in the Learning Management System."

“We want employees to really understand what skills and behavior are expected of them.”
Sebastiaan de Reede, BU Manager HR Services

Better, faster and cheaper
The system guarantees an enormous improvement in quality. Sebastiaan: "We continue to actively involve employees with this system, to ensure that we constantly respond to their development. Another advantage is that it saves time and costs. No more missing days to carry out external training, but instead acquiring the theory through online training combined with half a day of practice. One advantage for turnarounds is, for example, the considerable cost saving for unnecessary hours spent waiting at the gate."

Tailor-made universal system
We are hoping to test the first module during a turnaround in spring 2019. "It is a white label concept", stresses Sebastiaan. “Companies will soon have their own look & feel and will be able to include their own training courses or training that we develop for them in addition to the standard training courses. We invest heavily in the qualitative transfer of the learning material, so that the training courses are highly intuitive and language-independent. Interest has already been shown from various sides, so our expectations are high!”

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