Educational exchange with Czech fire brigades

On September 25 and 26 fire fighters from the Czech company Draslovka and colleagues from the Czech national fire department visited our company’s fire department for the sixth time. The purpose of the visit was to exchange experiences and learn from each other.

Contact with international cyanide sector
Since 2010 we have contact with the fire brigade of Draslovka. Officer of Service Klaas van der Velde: “At the invitation of AnQore I was at the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) to give feedback on an emergency exercise with a cyanide. This was organized by Draslovka from Kolin, Czech Republic. Just like AnQore, this is one of the companies in the cyanide sector affiliated with CEFIC: Draslovka processes, among other things, blue acid in products for the agricultural industry. When I was an observer there again in 2016 during an emergency exercise, I came into contact with their company’s fire brigade.”

Learning from similar incidents
He continues: “During the tour in their barracks it turned out that the incidents they have are comparable to ours. That gave us the idea of ​​organizing an exchange to learn from each other. The idea was a two-day exchange especially for the men and their commander. With a program that included small stakes or exercises in addition to guided tours and visits. That formula proved very successful. We have already had five exchanges back and forth."

Interest in government cooperation
There is now regular contact with the company fire brigade of Draslovka. "Where possible, we exchange information," says Klaas. “For example, they had many questions about incidents with ammonia. We can tell a lot about that, given our own experience and exercises in Sweden. They were also interested in our cooperation with the government. During one of the exchanges we therefore went to the Report and Coordination Center in Maastricht and to the barracks in Sittard that responds to reports on Chemelot. People from the national fire brigade of the Czech Republic were also present at that visit. That was one of the reasons for close cooperation between the two fire brigades in Kolin. "

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