Expertise in action: Sitech Services' electrical team

On Turn Arounds and major projects, Sitech Services' Electrical team often works behind closed doors, seemingly invisible. But the impact of their work has gone anything but unnoticed. In fact, the team consistently achieves successful results: safely, on schedule and on budget, and of high quality, as evidenced by positive feedback from AnQore.

High impact
In AnQore's last Turn Around, the impact was extremely high, due to the replacement of critical distributors and transformers. However, Tom Pijls, Chief Operations Officer at AnQore, is full of praise for the preparation and professionalism of the Electrical team: "These were two large projects that took a long time to complete. Thanks to the good preparation and professionalism of the team, the execution went according to plan and was of high quality. As far as we are concerned, these people should be put in the spotlight. On behalf of AnQore thank you for a job well done!"

Tom Pijls, Chief Operations Officer bij AnQore

Safety first
Safety is paramount when working on electrical installations. The Electrical team leaves no room for error here. Electrical Engineer Jos Habets emphasizes that both personal safety and installation safety must always be guaranteed also to prevent production downtime. "Applying the four-eye principle and accurately double-checking work are standard procedures. The electrotechnical operating instructions are constantly updated to reflect new legislation and insights, and the team is regularly retrained to ensure safe working practices at all times."

“As a result of the good preparation and professionalism of the team, the execution went according to plan and was of high quality.” Tom Pijls, COO bij AnQore

Quality and future-proofness
"We always look for the best solution," adds Tim Herresma, also Electrical Engineer. "We have to, because after maintenance, electrical installations often shut down for 12 years. Because we know that in the life cycle of an installation we only have a few moments to perform work, we have to think far ahead. We therefore use a multi-year plan to ensure that installations are reliable and future-proof."

The Electrical team at Sitech Services

Expertise in execution
With a proven track record and years of experience, the Electrical team is able to provide accurate estimates of hours required to prepare and execute work. Risks are mitigated on the front end by having sufficient components in stock for immediate replacement. "The simpler you can organize it, the greater the chance of success," stresses Turn Around Manager Sven Ritt. "Together we determine the strategy. Then the Electrical Engineers work out the scope into technical job orders, switch and safety diagrams. They are in the lead for the work preparation phase and have a key role as construction management during execution. They know perfectly well what it's about and where the risks are."

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