ENTER expands to include Chemelot access and factory safety instructions

As of September, the ENTER digital platform has been expanded with new training modules: the Chemelot access and factory safety instructions. ENTER – developed by Sitech and Goal043 – is a Smart Learning Management platform to allow new employees to be trained and tested remotely. It’s not only efficient and safe, but also corona-proof. 

The Chemelot access and supplementary factory safety instructions are intended for employees working on the chemicals site on a temporary basis. Employees are required to follow these instructions and pass the subsequent test in order to perform their duties. The instructions can be followed in 11 languages. By moving this training and testing online, we have been able to make a positive contribution to safety, achieve greater efficiency in terms of traffic to the site and the plants, and ensure the whole process is corona-proof. 

Proven added value in the AnQore Turn Arounds
ENTER was first used in 2019 on Chemelot, when AnQore used it in the course of their Turn Around. Now, m
ore than 7000 people are digitally onboarded at 9 Turn Arounds. Where in the past large groups of new contractors had to go to the gate for an instruction and access pass, we reduced waiting time at the gate by 1.5 hours per individual. Those are many extra hours available in the Turn Around. With the data from ENTER we also enabled more effective management in terms of quality and professional competence.

Use of 3D models 
In addition to the training for safe site onboarding, ENTER also has a flange management training module and assessments for LMRA en LoToTo trainings. Engineers who don't meet the standards specified by clients can use the platform to complete top-up training in this area. The flange training uses 3D models and a 3D scan to create an extremely realistic approximation of reality. In the near future, ENTER will be expanded with further training programs on various subjects.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of ENTER? Or would you like to work with us to develop training for your plant? Visit thisisenter.nl or contact Sebastiaan de Reede: +31(0)6 53 91 18 23, sebastiaan.reede-de@sitech.nl.

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