New in ENTER: flange management

ENTER is a digital platform developed by Sitech Services that offers an accessible way of onboarding and training workers in industry and construction. Since December 2019, there’s a new tool available in the platform: flange management. The tool contains a function for assessing employee competence in the area of flange management.

Employees who do not measure up to the standards set by clients can then complete a digital flange training program in ENTER. This training has been developed in accordance with NEN standards, is available in nine languages and complies with the latest educational ideas and requirements. It is extremely realistic thanks to the use of 3D models.

Having first been extensively tested by employees of Sitech Services, companies on the Chemelot site and contractors, the flange management tool is available since December 2019. It will first be used during the turnaround of OCI Nitrogen's melamine factories. The plan is for ENTER to be expanded in the near future to include similar tools for other specialist fields, such as welding and scaffolding.

More information?
Do you want to know more about ENTER? Get in touch with Sebastiaan de Reede: +31(0)6 53 91 18 23, sebastiaan.reede-de@sitech.nl.

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