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The digital platform ENTER developed by Sitech Services offers an accessible way of onboarding and training workers in industry and construction. The platform is available in multiple languages and the training sessions can be followed in an interactive, user-friendly and location-independent manner. Not only efficient, but also safe for onboarding Turn Arounds.

Knowing and understanding rules
During a Turn Around, many new people start working at the Chemelot site simultaneously. These people must adapt to the standards used on our site. It’s important they know and understand the risks and hazards, not only on the site, but also of the specific factory. Good onboarding is a must. That is why we use universal, recognizable pictograms and why the training courses are available in 11 languages. Through data from the online platform, we are now able to view individual results. If people fail to complete a training within 5 times, they can be rejected.

Significantly reduced waiting times
With AnQore's recent Turn Around, more than 1.500 new workers had to learn quickly how to work safely and in line with the rules at the Chemelot site. We agreed with contractors that their workers would follow the ENTER training in advance. 76% did this and only needed to collect their company cards at the gate. In this way we managed to reduce the waiting times for this turnaround by 1.000 to 1.500 hours.”

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New tools available
Recently, a new tool is added to the platform: flange management. The tool contains a function for assessing employee competence in the area of flange management. In addition to this new tool, ENTER is being expanded with comparable tools for other fields, such as welding and scaffolding.

Would you like more information about our digital platform ENTER? Please contact Sebastiaan de Reede: +31 (0) 6 53 91 18 23, sebastiaan.reede-de@sitech.nl.

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