Grafana Cloud as part of our CBM solutions

On a daily base we see where we can improve the Condition Based Monitoring for our customers, and do so from a perspective where we also see how it can be done differently in the future,” says Rowen Forman, Data and Business Analyst for the Asset Health Center at Sitech.“

Within Sitech and Sitech Asset Health Center, we bridge the gap between engineers and data scientists within this domain. The team develops communication strategies and applications based on the latest developments in the chemical process community, and they apply these to enhance the capabilities of their customers.

“My domain is how to present information that is extracted from the data to our customers or our users,” says Forman. “I bring all the information together to make sure that the message that we create by analyzing this data is understood, used, and appreciated.”
And there’s one tool that his team uses to unify all of their information into clear and impactful dashboards for their clients: Grafana.

Want to know how we integrates this tool as part of our Condition Based Monitoring solutions? Read the whole article Grafana.com.

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