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Innovation using young talent

Sitech Services focuses on innovation, among other things, by using new technologies and collaborating with new talent. In 2018, Sitech initiated the trainee program for the Chemelot Career Center. It is intended for young graduates with a Master’s degree in Engineering, Management or Economics.

Trainee program for career at Chemelot 
Participants complete three assignments for various companies at the Chemelot site over a period of 2 years. Apart from receiving professional support, personal development and career counselling are also focus areas. Various trainees work at Sitech Services as well, like Rob Wenmaekers and Max Brouwer. Max: “My first assignment is for the Sourcing & Supply Chain Business Unit; its purpose is to improve the process relating to purchases and payments. For this I come into contact with many colleagues from various departments. I am looking for possibilities to improve the process for everyone involved. From day one, my supervisor has given me lots of freedom and responsibilities. I think it is very positive that I am being taken seriously and that people involve me in everything.” 

Covering all of Chemelot 
Rob Wenmaekers is also a trainee at Sitech: “I work for the Chemelot Sustainability Team, which translates the government’s and Chemelot’s climate objectives into a policy that allows us to actually be climate-neutral by 2050. My assignment consists of optimizing transition scenarios to determine the most cost-effective way to make processes more sustainable. The fun thing is that the assignment covers the entire Chemelot site. So I need to know what goes on in the various plants when it comes to production, raw materials and energy streams. My supervisor really took the time to familiarize me with this.” 

Young Sitech Community for connection 
“Making sure that young people stay is a challenge,” says HR Manager Jami Fulmer. “About 15% of our employees are under 35, which is a difficult group to keep. The feedback we regularly collect tells us that they sometimes feel lost in our complex organization and the career opportunities are not visible enough. This is why we have set up a Young Sitech Community. A network that connects young people from every corner of our organization. It gives them an opportunity to hold a mirror up to each other, exchange ideas and gain inspiration for their development. For Sitech, the network also provides significant added value, as young people contribute their ideas on innovative future themes.” 

Max and Rob are also members of Young Sitech. “Many employers have such a community,” responds Max. “It is nice to get to know one another in an informal manner, especially because Sitech is so big. Furthermore, Sitech sends out a signal that youth is important to them by doing this.” Rob is also enthusiastic: “It’s an easy way to get to know other young people at Sitech, especially from other departments. It’s nice to look beyond the boundaries of your own work.” 

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