“Our solution will work for new facilities, but also for aging assets.”

It is official – After a few years of experiments and pilots, Sitech Asset Health Center has grown into the product that we are proud to bring in service to our customers. From now on SAHC is a scalable, fully automated Condition Based Monitoring solution, which can be implemented plant-wide in a weeks’ time. The solution is suited for both new facilities and more importantly the aging assets. Your question may be: how differs SAHC 1.0 from SAHC 2.0, and even from our LATEST most advanced option?
Here are some facts:

High-quality and high-performance streaming of the data from any type of the data source: plant historian, data warehouse, 3rd party database, wireless sensor and so on. We can get your data through a 3rd party API, IoT Hub or developing a customized plant connector. Your data is easily accessible, securely stored and deleted upon your request. Once connected, the automated system takes care of all the further data movements, without any chance for a human error. And you do not have to pay any longer for expensive experts or consultants.

Data processing and modelling
Did you know that it occasionally took us up to 100 manhours to create an intelligent predictive model for a piece of equipment? Not anymore. Once Data Scientists became a part of the Sitech organization, we developed a methodology that follows the logic of 1000s of man/years of engineering experience of Sitech and automated it. Now we only spend a couple of hours to validate the data and after which the powerful servers to do their magic. For one or one hundred assets, we deliver. The best models are selected for each unique equipment and it is automatically deployed in the solution, providing the warnings related to equipment health immediately. We call these features UltraGrid and UltraDash. In addition to the machine learning, which is the core of our modelling process, each model has inherited the unique knowledge and experience of Sitech engineering department. Want to have your special model for a very unique equipment, ask us to code your formula and start being in control.

Dashboards and notifications
The last but not least is our state of art visualization of all the insights. Absolutely flexible to bring to you any type of intelligence from the models, the dashboards come in a standard configuration for an asset, reliability, maintenance engineer to use. Want limited access to certain plant sections – easy. In addition to equipment dashboard with the gauges, you are getting the whole overview with the status of all equipment monitored. It is also possible to generate a notification to your phone or e-mail in case of alarm, if this is how you prefer to receive information.

To conclude, customized and expensive condition based monitoring solutions are a thing of the past. From now on, you can implement predictive analytics at your plant fast and start getting benefits from early warnings immediately. 

What is the value that you can get implementing Sitech Asset Health Center for your equipment: 

  • Minimize or complete avoid unplanned stops. Not only you avoid production losses, you can also use the time to optimize the maintenance activities associated with the repair. 
  • Optimize your preventative maintenance. You have a regular maintenance routine scheduled, but the system confirms that the equipment health is good? You can decrease the frequency of your maintenance events, and therefore save on time, spare parts and consumables. 
  • Minimize your inspections. Are all the equipment parameters within the threshold? Can you avoid the inspection then? And potential follow up maintenance as well. 
  • Avoid safety risks. Need to know the condition of the vessel or cooling tower? You do not have to send people to perform hazardous activities. The system will tell you if there are any concerns with the equipment. 
  • Optimize energy consumption. Knowledge is power. Once you know how much energy you use it is easier to find the way how to improve it. 
  • Review your turnaround scope. Plan your repairs scope based on the real-time data. Pump replacement was planned, but is it really needed? The data will give you the answer. 
  • Get the best out of your knowledgeable experts. Have you realized that your highly-qualified engineers spend almost 80% of their time trying to analyze the problems rather than fixing them. Let them bring you more value taking into account the processed data and let them focus on where they can create more value for them and the business. 

Do you want to know if you can implement Sitech Asset Health Center for your facilities tomorrow? Here are some pre-requisites that you will have to meet: 

1. Have you been collecting and storing any process data from your equipment? 
2. Do you have the records of the maintenance events for the equipment? 
3. Are you ready to connect with our solution through an API? 
4. Do you believe that your company can benefit from the data-driven insights? 

If you have answered “YES” to all of these questions, please do not hesitate to start your digital plant journey.  

Today, with Sitech Asset Health Center solution we can start monitoring and prediction of the equipment health for the whole plant. However, there are some recommendations on which equipment to choose to make it extremely efficient: 

1. Is your equipment “high” or “medium” on criticality ranking; 
2. Does your equipment have 3 or more measurements; 
3. Has there been significant number of maintenance events; 
4. Is the maintenance cost for this equipment high or relatively high; 

Based on 80/20 rule, 20% of your equipment will “eat” 80% of your maintenance budget. If you are interested in making the right selection of the equipment, we can support building your business case. We are very proud that we are SO READY to support your plants to move to digital era, are you ready to take this journey with us? 

Schedule your free case review with us or pre-order our product brochure for additional information today. 

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By Valentina Litovchenko, BU manager

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