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Major intervention in the sewage system at Chemelot

Damages were detected to the last part of the main sewage pipe on the Chemelot site. Rapid repair was necessary, as around 3,200 cubic meters of wastewater pass through this every hour. But how do you carry out work safely and responsibly without endangering the continuity of the entire site? Royal HaskoningDHV and Sitech Services managed it with.

Smart measurements to prevent downtime!
The sewage line had to be made water-free before it could be repaired. "We designed a special pumping program for this", explains Stefan Janssen (Asset manager OBL sewerage) of Royal HaskoningDHV. "This was certainly not a typical job, as this line also transports process wastewater, so special measures had to be implemented in terms of health, safety and the environment. For that reason, we also had to be sure that this temporary installation would not fail. During the preparation stage, we therefore carried out various fault analyses and test programs and made the risks manageable. What is more, we applied various smart measuring techniques during the implementation stage, the results of which we were able to follow live via a mobile network. This enabled us to intervene immediately at the right place if emergencies arose."

Good leak proofing thanks to careful selection of materials
Sitech's Senior Project Manager Etienne Haine offers an explanation regarding the repair of the sewage line: "We used sock relining for this. This has resin applied to it and is pulled through the sewer. Once the resin has hardened, the sewer pipe is leakproof again. Given the size of the sewer, this was quite a challenge: the sewage line consists of a concrete and an asbestos cement pipe, each 1.2 meters in diameter, and contains three manholes. The entire line is 740 meters in length, and cuts across several different plant grounds on the Chemelot site. It was extremely important that we focused on the most reliable material and execution method during the scoping phase. This resulted in us choosing a needle felt sock."

The project was successfully completed, thanks to good preparation and excellent cooperation. We would like to thank the companies Rasenberg, Peeters, Eekels, G4S and Insituform for their cooperation here. 

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