Meet Chris Sleijpen, Functional Application Manager SAHC

Chris Sleijpen, our Functional Application Manager, has been a member of the Sitech Asset Health Center (SAHC) for around two years now. In the past two years he made considerable progress. He recently launched the SAHC 2.0 platform and is already working on the next developments. We asked him a few short questions about his job and his vision for the future of SAHC. 

What’s your favorite part of your role?
At the Sitech Asset Health Center, we are working on new techniques that are still  unexplored in the market. I find this incredibly interesting and challenging, especially because we are one of the few companies that work on solutions for the process industry. As Functional Application Manager, I am constantly looking for digital solutions that meet the functional needs of our customers in the field of software, security and product developments. This is only possible through good collaboration internally, our clients and  our partners like CGI and Microsoft.  Contributing to a new standard is rewarding. 

What has been your most memorable project to date? 
Going Live with our new platform was a huge achievement for our team. The foundations for the future are set. One agnostic way of connectivity for all our clients that meets the security requirements to transfer IT and OT data from an on-premise environment to our cloud platform. The platform also enables to collaborate with 3rdparties on analytics and connectivity. This way we can incorporate 3rdparty competences in our platform. 

How do you see SAHC in five years’ time?
If we could create a platform where other specialist companies are also able to offer their services and/or products. Let’s say a plant of the future ecosystem for partners. A place where we are not only working on predictive maintenance, but also on process optimization  that enables us to reduce the “carbon footprint”. A digital twin of a factory where all the available information comes together. I am convinced that if we collaborate the digital transition in the process industry is in fact possible.  

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