New platform for asset performance management

Since 2013, the Sitech Asset Health Center (SAHC) has been a frontrunner in combining as much data as possible in order to achieve reliable predictive maintenance. We now already follow more than 600 installations for 26 customers in real time. A new platform was recently introduced, allowing customers to manage their asset performance themselves.

Considerable profit for our customers
Maurice Jilderda (Development Manager SAHC) has been involved with the SAHC from the very beginning: "We began purchasing measuring equipment and tablets and training mechanics within Sitech, so that they can monitor the condition of installations. The next step was to develop statistical models by linking real-time data from all kinds of sources. This allows us to predict all kinds of things that are valuable to the process industry. Whether it concerns safety, uptime, costs, product volume or quality."

“With this ecosystem, we offer the process industry an integrated solution that predicts the performance of their installations accurately at an early stage.”
Ceryl Geelen, Operations Manager SAHC

Self-monitoring with APM4.0 suite
The newcomer to the SAHC is the APM4.0 suite — a platform that companies can use to easily monitor their installations themselves. "APM4.0 has four parts", explains Maurice. "To begin with, a library of reliable prediction models for each failure mechanism. In addition, there are sensors for the simple and inexpensive collection of measurement data, which are transmitted completely wirelessly via the Internet of Things. The platform creates a digital copy (digital twin) of an installation, which can be added to the ecosystem in an accessible way. Finally, APM4.0 provides a dashboard with an intuitive user interface, allowing users to monitor the performance of installations and intervene in a timely manner, where necessary."

Data security fears
The APM4.0 suite is coming onto the market early. "Data security is the bottleneck", explains Ceryl. "Because companies do not want data to leave the site or end up in the cloud." Valentina Litovchenko (Business Developer SAHC) responds: "Although this fear is unfounded, we do understand it. That is why we are inviting companies to try the platform. So that they can convince themselves of the safety, but, more importantly, the advantages of this integrated approach."

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