Optimization of logistics chain with DHL

Following a tender, Sitech Services has opted for a new logistics partner: DHL Supply Chain. As a global market leader, this company is known for its innovative solutions. Exactly what we need for realizing our ambitions.

Tendering logistics services
The reason for the tender were the limitations of the current warehouse buildings. These did not lend themselves to the intended efficiencies, while the maintenance and energy costs only increased. In addition, far-reaching measures were required to guarantee safety in the long term. All in all, a sustainable solution for the longer term was desirable. After a tendering process, DHL Supply Chain was unanimously chosen.

Innovative power as decisive
Not only the flexibility, but especially the innovative strength of DHL was decisive in the choice. DHL is constantly looking for ways to arrange things more efficiently. Such as the introduction of a track & trace system, the ability to remotely see if a part is in stock or the 3D metal printing of parts.

Project Manager Marco Verstappen:

This project gives Sitech the opportunity to set up the logistics process more efficiently.”

Relocation completed
The DHL warehouse is located in Holtum next to the A2, where they manage 150,000 m2 of warehouse space for various customers. Of which approximately 5,000 m2 for Sitech Services. They guarantee delivery on the Chemelot site within two hours, in case of emergency. The carefully prepared move started in October 2017 and has since been successfully completed.

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