New service: the Asset Management Quickscan

Sitech has launched a new service: the Asset Management Quickscan. This service—comprised of a scan that provides clear insight into improvement potential for customers—has already helped several companies. Senior Reliability Engineer Eric Timmermans and Maintenance Manager Joell Stassen explain what the quickscan entails.

Mapping 15 maintenance competencies
"We regularly receive inquiries from companies that want to improve their maintenance," says Eric. "They want us to look for improvement potential by performing a scan of their maintenance process. We developed the Asset Management Quickscan, which focuses on 15 maintenance competencies, specifically for this purpose. The scan works as follows: We request documentation from the customer in advance, such as reports and information about work processes. We study these documents thoroughly. We then visit the customer's site for two days to conduct interviews with as many different people as possible: from the work planner to the maintenance manager and the director. Once we have collected all the information, we determine whether each maintenance competency is adequately equipped."

Eric Timmermans, Senior Reliability Engineer at Sitech

“We are able to examine the entire maintenance organization of a company within two days. This process often reveals familiar, but also surprising things.”

Advice related to business objectives
Joell: "You could compare the quickscan with an audit. It's like keeping a thermometer in the company in order to give advice that helps the company with maintenance. That advice is always related to the company's business objectives. We do this for all kinds of production organizations, regardless of the sector: It could be in the process industry, but we could also find ourselves working in a patisserie."

Eric adds: "We are able to examine the entire maintenance organization of a company within two days. Ultimately, the company itself decides what they want to work on. We map out the risks and this often reveals familiar, but also surprising things for the customer." 

Diverging opinions
Which maintenance competencies does the quickscan look at? "We look at all aspects of asset management in an integrated manner," Eric explains. "Matters such as cost control, criticality ranking, lifetime extension studies and SHE policy are discussed. An example: At a client's site, we discovered that they had no stock of critical spare parts with a delivery time of more than six months. If something were to happen, production would stop. Joell continues: "We also sometimes encounter major differences in mutual expectations between different departments, or see risks when it comes to knowledge retention within a company. Our advice therefore goes beyond just maintenance.

Satisfied customers
Customers who have used our Asset Management Quickscan are satisfied. "We are proud of the results we have achieved with customers," says Joell and Eric enthusiastically.

Would you like to know more about an Asset Management Quickscan for your organization? Please contact Leon Vranken, leon.vranken@sitech.nl

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