Safety program building blocks cast in stone

A Turn Around took place in the Arlanxeo EPT3 plant in November 2019. Arlanxeo managers, contractors, and Sitech Services met to discuss the safety of the maintenance shutdown on the basis of the building blocks in the ‘Samen Bewust Veilig’ safety program, which were then permanently incorporated into plant operations.

Extensive and complex scope
With numerous inspections, maintenance on moving parts, demolition and a major project on a drying tunnel, the scope of this Turn Around was extensive and complex. “Obviously, we aimed for zero accidents,” says Jan Houben, Turn Around Manager at Sitech. “Based on the ‘Samen Bewust Veilig’ philosophy, there are four building blocks that we need to achieve this, namely professional skill, trust, clear rules that add value, and the focus on first-line managers, or supervisors. We took all of these aspects into account in the preparation.”

Managers center-stage
Putting managers center-stage is an important aspect that allows us to realize immediate benefits while the Turn Around is being performed. “This is why we invited supervisors from Sitech and contractors to attend an event on October 25 to discuss the new approach to safety during the Turn Around. We asked them for their ideas and about what they needed to ensure a safe Turn Around.”

Take time if necessary
“I expect supervisors to prepare thoroughly,” continues the Turn Around manager. Furthermore, they should not be afraid to take time over things and to stop work if they have questions or they want to make observations about working methods. And then to call someone in to explain how to carry out the work safely.

Fresh boost for LMRA
Finally, the meeting attendees agreed to give a fresh boost to the Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA). “We therefore work with open questions during the LMRA,” states Joyce Roegies, Plant SHE Officer at Sitech. “That’s how you can soon tell whether a job has been properly prepared,” replies Jan.

Crossing the finish line without accidents
The agreements made with regard to safety, planning, and pre-conditions were laid down in a safety plant and Turn Around handbook, to which contractors, Sitech and Arlanxeo have committed themselves. “The result of this approach is that no accidents occurred during the Turn Around,” concludes Joyce. We hope to maintain this during the start-up and to cross the finish line without any accidents.”

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