Sitech in transition to an innovative and market-oriented organization

Although Sitech is now a well-known player on the Chemelot site and is a pioneer on the market in terms of digitalizing process technology and the factory of the future, the organization has not been around for very long. Founded in 2008 from various departments of DSM, Sitech now has multidisciplinary teams of specialists who work together closely to use their knowledge and experience of the process industry to help customers. From this unique position we are working to make Sitech future-proof. Our future is focused on autonomy and we are working on creating an innovative, market-oriented organization. Our services do not change – from site infrastructure and water purification to engineering, maintenance and modifications to chemical plants among other things – but the shape of our organization does. New partners may be involved in this change.

Business as usual
We intend to develop the transition process carefully, working in accordance with ‘Business as usual’ in 2022. Our customers' satisfaction is and remains the foundation for our success. We work hard on maintaining customer satisfaction, every day, so that we are and will remain our customers' top supplier, enabling us to cement and expand our leading position on the Chemelot site.

If 2021 taught us one thing, it was the importance of staying connected. This connection will remain fundamental going forward. Confidence in each other means confidence in the future.

We would like to thank all our partners for their cooperation over the past year.
We wish everyone a healthy and safe 2022.

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