Sitech launches its own Logistic Support Center

Logistic services in the chemical and process industry need to be provided with a high degree of flexibility given the dynamic field of work of companies in this sector. Our knowledge and experience mean that we can provide customers with a complete service in the field of logistics. As of recently, we do so from our new Logistic Support Center.

Efficiency at the expense of effectiveness
The new Logistic Support Center is located in Elsloo, in the business park on the edge of the Chemelot site. The center acts as a location for the throughput and transport of maintenance materials. In addition, customers can contact us here with all their logistics queries. Rick Motke, Project Leader, explains: "The material flow in maintenance is different from the one in turn-around, for example. Initially, our intention was to merge both flows at DHL Supply Chain in Holtum. On paper that seemed efficient. In practice, however, we learned that this uniform approach was at the expense of the effectiveness of maintenance materials. This workflow is less predictable and not so easy to follow". 

We are convinced that, with our knowledge and expertise, doing so can increase the added value for the customer.
- Edgar Beers, BU Manager Sourcing & Supply Chain

Taking control: A unanimous decision
"In the end, we decided to organize our maintenance logistics process around the dynamics of the customer," says Edgar Beers, BU Manager Sourcing & Supply Chain. "We are convinced that, with our knowledge and expertise, doing so can increase the added value for the customer. For the more plannable material flows, we will continue to work with DHL Supply Chain."

Delivering materials to the customer
Once the decision had been made, a suitable building was found just outside the Chemelot site. Evert van de Nobelen, Supply Chain Manager: "The building is large enough to store maintenance materials. This is an advantage for suppliers, because they don't have to enter the site itself anymore, which saves a lot of time. What's more, customers no longer have to go to the warehouse to pick up materials. Through our 'milk run' system, we deliver ordered materials to the customer as soon as the order is fully in and approved. In addition to regular 'milk run' deliveries, customers can use our rush service."

We can also track every package through our software.
- Bob Meulenberg, Logistic Support Representative

Bob Meulenberg, Logistic Support Representative: "We can also track every package through our software. The same applies to customers; they can see exactly where their order is and they can have a say in when and where it is delivered."

Customized picking inventory per plant
At the same time as the 'milk run,' the logistic support team introduced another service: Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). Rick explains what it means: "Every plant has a picking inventory of low-value materials with a high consumption rate, as well as consumables such as personal protective equipment or gaskets that are required to correct a minor fault on the spot. That way, customers have everything at their fingertips. This picking inventory is managed and replenished by the supplier in good time, which helps us to provide clients with a holistic service."

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