Shining a new light on Industry 4.0

Our world is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Digitization will provide a major leap forward for manufacturing. A digitally integrated and intelligent value chain offers almost limitless possibilities. We are making the next step towards industry 4.0. That means improving operations efficiency, productivity, product quality, inventory management, asset utilization, time to market, agility, workplace safety and sustainability. Although industry 4.0 brings numerous benefits, there are still barriers for many organizations to make the leap forward. Sitech Services, PSPL and CGI are collectively proving these barriers can be overcome.

A smart industry-graded infrastructure integrated with a plug-and-play service environment, for the secure collection and distribution of data, is lacking. While this is foundational to Industry 4.0. Moreover, tracking people and valuable assets over a large industrial environment comprising of a diverse set of networks across multiple facilities is an even bigger challenge. The complexity and investments required for setup and implementation of such an infrastructure is still preventing many organizations from taking this leap forward. 

The critical success factor
Today, no single vendor can deliver all the capabilities needed to implement Industry 4.0 solutions effectively, as these are based on multiple technologies and devices that run on different networks. The critical success factor is close collaboration between relevant business partners, Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT).

Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure
The collaboration between Sitech Services, PSPL and CGI ensures that this project towards industry 4.0 is a success. Our Sitech Asset Health Center (SAHC) enables us to monitor all important factory installations remotely. This information allows us to take action even before there is a defect in the factory. What we cannot achieve just by ourselves, is the connection of sensors. This is where PSPL's expertise comes in through sustainable industrial lighting solutions. CGI seamlessly and securely connects IT and OT through a platform.

Together with CGI and PSPL, Sitech Services is working on the further development and implementation of this 'Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure'.

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