Symposium: 'The future of water treatment'

On Thursday, September 12, Sitech Services, Chemelot and Rijkswaterstaat organized “The future of water treatment”, a knowledge sharing symposium to mark 40 years since the IAZI wastewater treatment plant at Chemelot was built. Over 100 water experts were in attendance to share their knowledge in the area of biological wastewater treatment.

The IAZI has been contributing to good water quality for 40 years. Water treatment is key to safeguarding a clean water supply for humans and the environment. Emerging materials are finding their way into the water chain by various routes. These materials offer us a wide range of benefits but their environmental impact is as yet unknown. In order to get a better handle on this, the government is developing additional policies. It is then up to businesses to put these into practice. Collaborating with parties involved with emerging materials will help us to maintain the quality of water treatment in the future.

Topics at the symposium included the latest developments in biological wastewater treatment, the acceleration forum for emerging materials and the official launch of Rijkswaterstaat magazine “De Lichtkogel”. The attendees, including public sector leaders, knowledge workers and associated organizations, also confirmed their support and joint efforts for safeguarding the quality of water treatment. After all, good water quality will depend on all of us working together, both now and in the future.

Interested in emerging materials in the water chain? Learn more in this special edition of De Lichtkogel. If you’re curious to know what the IAZI does on the Chemelot site, watch the video below. 

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