Symposium 'Industry 4.0'

Sitech Asset Health Center hosted its first symposium on Friday, September 27. The day revolved around Industry 4.0, delving into the opportunities and challenges this digital transition offers. Over a hundred business managers, data analysts, IT specialists and academic researchers were in attendance to meet and inspire one another.

Industry 4.0 – a challenge beyond IT
Industry 4.0 not only offers opportunities but also involves a great many challenges. In order to sustain the processing industry within Europe, digitization of maintenance processes will be essential as tasks that used to be carried out by humans are increasingly being performed by software. Although Industry 4.0 is often thought of as purely an IT challenge – an understandable mistake to make – it is about a great deal more. Industry 4.0 is an organizational change process that requires support across all levels in order to succeed. It touches on people and business processes, as well as organizational culture. Industry 4.0 challenges organizations as a whole.

Innovation requires collaboration
How can we begin creating the factory of the future today? The answer to which is knowledge sharing and collaboration. Sitech Asset Health Center believes there is great deal of knowledge available about Industry 4.0. However, only by pooling old and new knowledge and sharing knowledge will we be able to take the next big step.

During the symposium, Sylvia Vanhommerig (BU manager Engineering Solutions at Sitech) highlighted a number of innovative case studies, which included the application of new techniques such as drone inspections, 3D printing and VR inspection. Innovative Director Richard Schouten of Manufacturing & Asset Management also talked about the 'Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure' project, which was conducted in partnership with PSPL and CGI and which has led to the development of a cost-effective solution for connecting sensors via an existing data platform.

The symposium closed with a networking event where parties focusing on Industry 4.0 showcased their solutions and new developments.

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