The added value that a well-organized TA provides

In a Turn Around, a plant is shut down so it can be inspected inside and out, cleaned, renovated, its sustainability enhanced, and any components repaired, if necessary. This work represents an investment in safety, efficiency and sustainability. A shutdown for maintenance purposes involves taking the time for careful preparation. It is a complex operation, in which many hundreds of employees complete a massive amount of work over a period of a few weeks.

What we do is help our customers get the most from each plant. Even during a Turn Around, in which all of our services come together, we endeavor to achieve an ideal outcome and by means of our TA Excellence program, we are continually seeking to identify where things can be improved.

From scope to delivery – a full-service solution
Each year, we carry out 5 to 10 Turn Arounds on the Chemelot site. They differ in size, but during any shutdown, we always provide a full-service solution. We manage the entire process from the scope through to the delivery, while ensuring that the implementation phase is as short and efficient as possible. Every Turn Around is planned by a core team of professionals, consisting of representatives from the customer, regular contractors and the experts from Sitech.

Safer, more predictable and more competitive 
In collaboration with the customer, we will ultimately arrive at a clearly defined scope, which means that the preparation costs and the cost of reworking will be reduced. Clear governance and well-defined work processes make the Turn Around safer, more predictable and more competitive. Systems and planning tools also provide efficient support by means of extensive digitalization. In our standardized working methods, we take account of unexpected events and can quickly upscale if the situation requires it.

For ‘full-scale’ and short-time activities during a shutdown
We go about our work using a flexible and competent team that can be deployed on a multifunctional basis and operates from a single platform, whether we have been asked to carry out a ‘full-scale’ Turn Around or short, complex, shutdown-related activities, otherwise known as ‘light’ Turn Arounds. So long as a Turn Around has been carried out effectively, the plant will be able to remain in operation for another few years without any problem. The plant itself will also be more reliable and provide higher production-outputs, and the processes themselves will be more sustainable. And safer, of course.

Would you like to find out more about our approach?
Please contact our Turn Around Manager Sven Ritt, sven.ritt@sitech.nl

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