The added value of Environmental Permitting

Anyone running a business on the Chemelot site must comply with strict laws and regulations to retain their license to operate. Newcomers must first submit the required, often highly complex license applications. Sitech Environmental Permitting takes care of everything: from hands-on calculations to strategic advice and structural permit management.

Umbrella permit provides flexibility
One common environmental permit exists for all site users on the Chemelot site. This umbrella permit consists of approximately sixty partial permits, such as a water law permit, a nature law permit, a greenhouse gas act permit or a nuclear energy act permit. "The umbrella permit provides flexibility in the distribution of the available environmental space, such as air and noise emissions, among site users", explains Denise Bakker (Business Unit Manager Environmental Permitting), who manages the umbrella permit on behalf of Chemelot Site Permit (CSP).

“We have a complete overview and know the correct legislative approaches for the various authorities. Companies that want to establish themselves here benefit from this.”
Denise Bakker, BU Manager Environmental Permitting

New projects on the Chemelot site
Various parties recently used the services of Environmental Permitting for the office on the Chemelot site. Denise cites the Japanese company Mitsui Chemicals Group as an example here. "There was a language barrier at first, but Mitsui gave us an incredible amount of confidence. This is why I am proud that we have managed to obtain a good permit for them. Another example of a new project on the Chemelot site is the Louisegroeve, the largest industrial solar park in Limburg from NaGa Solar. We also succeeded in obtaining an environmental permit for them at the first attempt."

Continuity for customers on the Chemelot site
Environmental Permitting also takes care of the permit application for the expansion of the established site users on the Chemelot site, from small to large. Denise explains: "Every request is tailor-made, it is always fitting and in keeping with the environmental space. What is more, legislation and regulations are constantly changing, but the way in which the environment views the process industry is also changing. We anticipate all these things when applying for a permit, so that it will be valid for a long time and we can guarantee continuity for our customers."

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