The next step in process industry requires a powerful combination of digitalization and connectivity

As the technology partner for process industry, Sitech believes in using innovative applications to ensure data driven plant management and we’re already implementing such applications on Chemelot, combining our years of experience in maintenance and site technology with the latest developments in data analytics. We can predict the health of installations promptly and accurately, which enables plants to improve their performance in terms of safety, foreseeable costs, product volume and quality.

Rob Gülickers, Director Technology at Sitech: “Our dream is to entirely eliminate large-scale maintenance that requires a plant to be completely shut down. To act promptly and ensure no lost income and no unnecessary damage to installations. But we also want to improve safety by having as few people as possible working in the plants, which we can achieve by using remote monitoring and sending in robots to potentially unsafe situations.”

Predictive digital models actually make maintenance predictable
This is all possible thanks to the use of wireless sensors combined with monitoring via tablets and via our Asset Health Center, where we use predictive models to make maintenance genuinely predictive and to act before anything breaks. The applications of data monitoring are broad and are increasingly visible at Chemelot, where Sitech is translating the latest tools and technical options into specific applications for chemical industry. In addition to expanding the possibilities of data monitoring through the use of wireless sensors, we’re also conducting inspections using drones and robots, and augmented reality gives us an early picture of any abnormalities on site. We measure emissions values on site in real time when an incident occurs and are investigating the possibility of using bodycams and smart-helmets equipped with HD cameras. This would allow us to inspect installations remotely and to make the operators’ work mobile, by taking the measurement lab into the field on a tablet.

5G ensures faster data processing
All these projects and pilot studies mean that there are ever more critical data streams to help installations produce their products safely, predictably and more sustainably. Applications for which we need 5G, to be able to process more data more quickly – to support more intensive applications, such as mobile cameras and inspection robots, and more devices per m2. In real time, and reliably.

Process industry of the future requires far-reaching digitization of operations & maintenance processes. Based on a stable and secure infrastructure. Together with our partner KPN, we are focusing on optimizing connectivity via 5G, which is indispensable for taking the next step in process industry.

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