Twelve young, technical top talents for Sitech

Technical staff are few and far between, and finding young technicians is becoming increasingly difficult. So Sitech has set up the Young Technical Talent Program (YTTP) — a scheme in which we offer talented young technical professionals the opportunity to develop and gain experience within the Sitech organization. The first intake has already started and there is so much enthusiasm among these twelve young top talents!

Opportunity to develop is appealing
Chemelot Trainee Nadine Golsteijn is one of the pioneers of the Young Technical Talent Program: "At Sitech, there is a shortage of employees in various technical positions. With this program we want to attract young technicians with a higher vocational or university education and encourage them to choose a career at Sitech. We offer them the opportunity to continue their development: both professionally and personally. They get the opportunity to gain experience through three eight-month placements in different parts of the organization. They also get a professional mentor and an external coach who helps with their personal development, enabling them to discover where their passion and ambitions lie."

Lots of high-quality candidates
The recruitment process proved that this was an appealing formula. "Together with our recruiter Marjolein Beckers, we started recruiting for technical training in the Netherlands and Belgium at the end of April," Nadine continues. "The number of responses far exceeded our expectations. In the end we conducted twenty job interviews, from which sixteen candidates were invited to the selection day. During this day, the candidates were asked to give a presentation to tell us more about themselves and there were "speed dates" with different managers, followed by an evaluation."

Targeted assignments in different departments
The twelve technical talents start their first assignment spread across different departments and are initially given a contract for two years. "After the first year, an evaluation will take place to determine whether we want to continue working together," explains Nadine. "They will first complete their assignment and then we will see where we can place them in the organization. Around that time we will also start recruiting a new intake, because attracting young talent deserves continuous attention."

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