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Unnecessary waiting times for supplies of threaded rods and nuts now a thing of the past

Threaded rods and nuts are used so widely in plants that they must always be available. In this case it is frustrating to have to wait on the release of a shipment that still needs to be approved. Sitech teams therefore put their heads together with selected contractors to resolve this. From now on, threaded rods and nuts (material grades A2-70 and YK) with blue dots can be supplied directly to the customer, eliminating any unnecessary waiting times.

Threaded rods and nuts must comply with a series of requirements. Examples include the ability to withstand a certain level of acidity or heat. Jolanda Cobben, Senior Inspection Officer & QA/QC at Sitech, explains: “These parts must be tested and approved upon receipt before they can be installed. This used to be done after delivery to DHL. But if a customer urgently needs threaded rods and nuts that have been supplied but have not yet been released, this can be very frustrating. One example is during a Turnaround.

ISO certification for testing
The solution appears simple: making sure that the parts are already tested and approved when delivered to the warehouse. But as it turned out, setting up such a new process involved quite a few things. The testing of the purchased threaded rods and nuts is now being performed by Fabory Sittard, who obtained an ISO 9001-2015 certificate to be able to do this. “Testing is our core business,” explains John de Graef, Key Account Manager at Fabory. “At Sitech’s request, we modified our testing processes to ensure that they meet the standards. In addition, we arrange for the material certificates to be checked and archived, so we also take care of the paperwork.”

Release by DHL Supply Chain immediately after delivery
After testing the threaded rods and nuts, Fabory delivers them to the DHL Supply Chain warehouse in Holtum. Roy Raven, Operations Manager at DHL: “We carry out an entry check on arrival, verifying whether the quantities and specifications of the shipment match the order placed by Sitech. With the tests now being performed by Fabory, we can release these parts immediately. This saves a huge amount of time.”

Blue dot as the supplier mark and quality mark
According to the new working method, Fabory marks all the approved threaded rods and nuts with a dot in blue acrylic ink. This confirms to users in the plants that they are definitely working with the right materials. The blue dot is both the supplier mark and the quality mark. Another advantage is that the material index list no longer needs to be checked in the field.

All the parties are delighted with this new working method, which is much more efficient and saves a great deal of time. There is demand for this working method to be expanded to additional material grades.

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