Fire Brigade & Security

As a specialist in incident response in an industrial and research environment, Sitech Fire Brigade & Security provides high-quality fire and security care on the Chemelot site 24/7. We manage incidents and minimize the effects on local residents and the environment. We guarantee the continuity of business processes at Chemelot and provide rapid assistance when people, plants or processes are in danger.

Whether it concerns a leak in a plant, monitoring 60 km of fencing around Chemelot or extinguishing a fire, our more than 200 firefighters and security staff are ready and waiting. In doing so, we contribute to Chemelot’s ambition to become the safest, most competitive and sustainable chemical site in Europe.

We are Sitech professionals, we stand for safety and we are proud of our profession.

Our services

Sitech Fire Brigade & Security works with partners on and around Chemelot and has a strong connection with regional and national authorities. We provide the following services: control room, company fire department, company emergency organization, casualty transport, environmental complaints system, security, access & onboarding, trunking, advice & scenarios.



Fire Brigade

Safety Shop & Services

Working at Fire Brigade & Security

Safety is our top priority. Will you be our new hero?
Protect people, animals and property from fire, accidents and security incidents at the Chemelot site. Every day you are responsible for the safety of thousands of people, acting appropriately and working preventively with state-of-the-art equipment. As a fire watcher at Chemelot in Geleen, your job is always different and challenging, with a lot of technical work in addition to firefighting duties.

  • Daily practice, training and sports
  • Modern resources and vehicles
  • Training in industrial firefighting with knowledge of technology on the Chemelot site (gas suit carrier, driver, vehicle operator, turnout)
  • A job filled with challenge, teamwork, good working atmosphere