Integrated Services
We achieve results together.

Our integrated services refer to a comprehensive and coordinated approach whereby a customer’s organization collaborates extensively with our organization. Various activities are blended into a unified strategy and high-quality execution. These activities include preventive and predictive maintenance, complex turnarounds, condition monitoring, asset management and safety compliance.

Our integrated approach uses holistic and coordinated techniques to ensure the reliability, safety, efficiency and sustainability of plant operations. The common goal is to maximize asset performance, while minimizing downtime and operational risks.

This approach is proven, and has been established through years of working with our customers who are leaders in the chemical process industry.

Integrated Turnaround Management

Integrated Maintenance Operations

Integrated Modification Projects

Comprehensive services

Our fully integrated approach involves Technology & Innovation services who have extensive knowledge and experience of a wide variety of engineering disciplines, as well as our Fire Brigade & Security services, who specialize in incident response in industrial and research environments and have a strong connection to regional and national authorities.

Technology & Innovation

Bundled knowledge to maximize plant performance. Whether it concerns safety, sustainability or plant performance; our highly trained specialists support customers across the board to produce smarter, differently and better.

Fire Brigade & Security

As specialists in incident response in industrial and research environments, Sitech provides high-quality fire and security care 24/7, managing incidents and minimizing impacts to local residents and the environment.

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Sebastiaan de Reede

Business Development Manager