Our Security department keeps a close eye on everything at Chemelot. As soon as there is an unsafe situation, in whatever form, we come into action. From responding to emergencies to enforcing the rules to giving advice: our Security officers are on hand, for your and our safety.

Fast and efficient response, link with the authorities

We serve as a link between Chemelot and the authorities, and can therefore take direct action in case of incidents.
The heart of Security is the incident room; with 24/7 real-time recordings from the many onsite cameras, we are immediately aware if anything unsafe is going on and can take the necessary measures right away. If necessary, we coordinate with external emergency response services. We keep our knowledge up to date with extensive training in the field of security.

Safe access to the site

To gain access to the Chemelot site, every employee and supplier has to complete training on all safety rules. They have to know and understand the specific risks and dangers on the site and in the plants. We call this onboarding and it is a must for all new employees. The Security staff provide this onboarding via our unique ENTER application. We also man the gates and perform various checks on incoming and outgoing vehicles.

Preventing incidents through a safe work environment

Besides responding to incidents, we do as much as possible to prevent unsafe situations. Examples are coordinating traffic situations at Chemelot and measures to prevent break-ins. We are also on top of other concerns, such as cybercrime, terrorism and unexpected visits by drones. For each onsite company, we know the possible threats and the measures to be taken under their own security plan. Additionally, every new employee at Chemelot is screened before being admitted to the site.

We have our own investigation agency (licensed), which is on standby to investigate individuals or companies at Chemelot if needed. If necessary, we engage the help of the authorities. It goes without saying that nothing on the site goes unseen; our detection dogs also assist in this.

Support during Turn Arounds

Every plant on Chemelot has to go through it periodically: major maintenance. A major and complex operation that requires the plant to be shut down for several weeks. At high speed, the plant is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, repaired and, where possible, made more sustainable.
Hundreds, and sometimes even thousands, of employees put in a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time. Sitech Security helps by bringing in extra security personnel, and deploying mobile intrusion systems, mobile cameras, mobile access control systems and drones. As such, we make sure that our customers don’t have to worry about these aspects during a complex and labour-intensive period.

Stop by and see for yourself how we ensure the safety at Chemelot

For people in the surrounding area, it is not always clear what happens on the Chemelot site and how we work hard every day to keep employees and local residents safe. Would you like to know more about this? Or are you interested in learning more about the services we provide? Why not pay us a visit and get an inside view of Sitech Security. Send an e-mail to

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Sebastiaan de Reede

Business Development Manager