Fire Brigade

Chemelot is our home; here we protect people and factories and do everything we can to limit the impacts of incidents for the surrounding area and the environment. We specialise in industrial firefighting and know better than anyone how to respond to incidents quickly and efficiently.

Industrial firefighting is a job for specialists

Industrial incidents are different from regular fires. As specialists using state-of-the-art equipment, we can respond quickly and with high capacity. Our firefighting capacity is 4 to 5 times larger than that of regular firefighters. Within a maximum of 6 minutes after an incident has been reported, Sitech Fire Brigade is on site and can start the response. As soon as the incident is under control, we see to it that the plant is operational again in the shortest possible time. Together with our colleagues from Sitech Maintenance, we replace damaged installations to get the production up and running again. Teamwork is dreamwork.

High-end hazmat team prevents spread of hazardous substances

At Chemelot, various chemical substances are processed, produced and transported. For incidents involving the risk of a hazardous substance being released, our high-end hazmat team comes into action. Our employees have been trained and are certified to work according to specific procedures and with special equipment. We carry out measurements and sampling in a potentially hazardous environment and can thus quickly identify and detect the identity and spread of the chemical substance, and respond to it.

More efficient incident response with drone team

The specially trained Sitech drone team is one of five operational drone teams in the Netherlands. A drone makes it possible to respond to incidents more efficiently; using special cameras, we view incidents from above and get an instant view of any situation. Through our collaboration with the South Limburg Safety Region (‘Veiligheidsregio Zuid Limburg’), we have a team on standby 24/7, both on and off site. Drone images also help the police in tracing people or with traffic accidents. On site, we assist in inspecting pipes and installations, emission measurements and monitoring during Turn Arounds.

Knowledge is safety

To be able to respond safely and quickly to incidents, knowledge of the factories and processes is essential. Besides responding to incidents and training, we carry out various maintenance tasks on site, together with our colleagues from Sitech Maintenance. This ensures that we stay abreast of all developments and innovations at Chemelot.

Collaboration with South Limburg Safety Region

In case of an incident at Chemelot that may impact the surrounding area, the Chemelot Company Emergency Response Organisation and our Fire Brigade work closely together with the South Limburg Safety Region (the emergency response services of the government) to make sure that not only people on site at Chemelot, but also in the surrounding area are informed quickly. To ensure optimum preparedness and coordination, joint exercises are held regularly. Together we go for the maximum.

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Sebastiaan de Reede

Business Development Manager