Our Compliance department develops and safeguards the processes for preventing accidents and incidents, as well as for responding to any incidents that may occur. On the Chemelot site, we advise factory owners/site users and identify factory risks in order to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, such as Chemelot’s environmental permit. By making risks manageable with our countermeasures, we can guarantee industrial safety.

Complying with laws and regulations
Compliance refers to complying with the laws and regulations in order to operate safely. At the Chemelot site, we identify every possible risk and draw up plans to comply with the designation order under the current laws and regulations. We use this designation order to measure the capacity needed to counteract risks with the appropriate resources.

Exercises on how to act in the event of an emergency

The Chemelot Company Emergency Response Organisation (BNO) (consisting of specialists employed by the plants and the Chief Officer on duty of Sitech Fire Brigade) is called upon in the event of incidents that require a broad inventory of the impact on the entire site and the business operations. Sitech Compliance supports the BNO by keeping up to date on all changes at Chemelot and on how to act in the event of an emergency. We provide the instructions for emergency exercises and evaluate and report after each exercise or incident, which is important for learning and to identify areas for improvement. This is how we ensure that everyone, on the site and outside of it, is safe.

Reporting environmental incidents

All reporting of environmental incidents by site users and the surrounding area are verified and handled by Sitech Compliance, including additional reporting and providing advice. For more information on this, please visit

Advice to meet permit obligations

The factories decide for themselves how to implement the requirements of the designation order to be in compliance with Chemelot’s umbrella permit. Sitech Compliance advises the factories on this. We provide advice in drawing up company emergency action plans, malfunction plans, assistance plans, communication plans, and we provide support during audits & inspections. We also play an advisory role in obtaining and maintaining the right environmental permits by preparing safety reports, fire risk analyses and emergency management plans. In addition to our role on site at Chemelot, we also advise and assist external companies in obtaining and retaining safety and environmental permits.

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