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Although Sitech currently occupies a leading position as integrated, long standing supplier in the chemical process industry, the company itself is still quite young. Sitech arose in 2008 from several departments of multinational company, DSM, in order to play a key role at the Chemelot industrial park in Geleen, which is home to around sixty chemical plants and dozens of other businesses.

In 2023, Sitech entered an important new phase, with its privatization and new owner, Ebert HERA Group. This partnership gives rise to a multitude of opportunities, as it offers both parties and their 3,000 specialists the possibility to grow together as the leading service provider working to ensure a sustainable, safe and competitive process industry.

A company with a unique proposition

Sitech’s integrated approach, which characterizes its multidisciplinary service provision in the fields of turnaround management, maintenance operations and modification projects and is rooted in comprehensive expertise in brownfield engineering, is unique on the market.

As a partner in the knowledge center, Brightsite, the company also plays an important role in achieving the sustainability goals of asset owners. Last but certainly not least, the company is integral to ensuring safety at the Chemelot site with its industrial Fire Brigade & Security division.

Our biggest strength is our people, teams of specialists who collaborate extensively, not only within Sitech and Ebert HERA, but also with our customer’s organizations, using their long-standing knowledge and experience of the process industry to serve the best interests of the customer.

A wealth of knowledge and experience

Sitech has always been renowned for its combination of expertise and reliability, and for its determination to constantly innovate. With the Chemelot site serving as a ‘playing field’, the company is and always has been close to industrial plants. This has provided not only a wealth of knowledge and experience, but also a unique opportunity to put innovations and ideas for improvements to direct use.

Our management team

Christiaan Kluiters

Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Boogaard

Chief People and Legal Officer

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Sebastiaan de Reede

Business Development Manager