Progressive Electrical & Instrumentation Service Centre works on structural solution for scarce personnel

Electrical and instrumentation expertise is scarce. With the Electrical & Instrumentation Service Centre, Sitech ensures that these services can be provided now and in the future.

The E&I Service Centre was set up as an umbrella body for Sitech’s total E&I services where knowledge is safeguarded, plannable work is organised and new business is developed. Plannable work includes measurement value checks, such as checking the setting range of temperature, flow, level or pressure controls. But also checking whether set alarms go off at the right value or valves close or open at the right time.

The progress made in recent years is reflected in the growth in the number of E&I technicians, allowing better anticipation of plant owners’ needs in day-to-day plant maintenance or modification projects. Moreover, maintenance can be offered on the most recently introduced technical devices. The E&I Service Centre became operational two years ago and recently technicians can also be deployed on an on-call basis.

We take a planned approach and build in flexibility so that our experts are available immediately.
Pedro Lebens, Service Leader of the Sitech E&I Service Centre

“In June, six of our technicians will be deployed during a turnaround of SABIC. A great development that was unthinkable two years ago.”

The aim of the centre is to deploy all E&I knowledge for the benefit of our customers’ entire maintenance organisation in order to guarantee the operational integrity of assets. To this end, technicians are given the space to develop using external training courses offered by Sitech in combination with a ‘training on the job principle’. “Our technicians are trained all-round at specialist level, so that they can master all competences. Our people perform work at our customers’ plants, but also carry out statutory inspections, ensuring that all safety checks are carried out on time. Because of this broad knowledge and expertise, our technicians are deployable throughout the Chemelot site and beyond.”

The scarcity of expertise is a serious challenge, for which the E&I Service Centre is working on a solution for the future. Indeed, two years ago Sitech managed to convince the Vista College in Sittard to redesign the Electrical & Instrumentation training course to better meet the needs in the field. After years of absence, the course will continue in September for the second consecutive year.

And successfully. The pass rate of our candidates is around 94 per cent. This is a very important development that can not only reduce the workload of technicians at the Chemelot site, but with the influx of new E&I technicians, it will also be a lot easier to ensure the continuous quality of service.
Niek Kusters, Vista College lecturer

The E&I Service Centre is a great development that benefits Sitech’s Integrated Maintenance Operations services. The umbrella centre safeguards the maintenance process of assets, allowing them to maintain their operational integrity, which fits seamlessly with Sitech’s vision of an integrated approach. Our services include planning and multidisciplinary execution of all predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance activities, including inspections.

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