Customers satisfied with Mechanical Services Sitech and Ebert HERA

In collaboration with Ebert HERA, Sitech has added Mechanical Services to its Integrated Maintenance Operations service. This will allow Sitech to place Mechanical Service orders entirely within the group, in addition to the ability to collaborate with third parties for these services. This ensures continuity and flexibility for customers, and that is generating positive responses.

A powerful combination
Mechanical Services fit seamlessly into Sitech’s Integrated Maintenance Operations services. Patrick Sanders, Execution Manager at Sitech Maintenance: “Our service teams mainly work on process-critical installations at factories. These teams have a lot of knowledge of the plant and the process. This allows us to perform complex tasks and troubleshoot faults. Our colleagues in Mechanical Services work primarily on factory piping. They are widely trained and offer plenty of skills and specialist knowledge. This reduces our reliance on external contractor support. Of course, we prefer to have this work in-house, but we think it’s important that our customers support this choice too.”

Sufficient capacity and resources
Ton Muurmans, Business Unit Manager Mechanical Services at Sitech: “My team has sufficient capacity, so customers can always call on us, even in emergencies or for on-call services.” The Mechanical Services team also has an extensive set of tools and brings its own material container. “Almost everything needed to carry out a job is provided and included,” Muurmans says.

Quick and expeditious steam header replacement
One of our customers at Chemelot can already report positive experiences with the Mechanical Services team. Milan Arts, Service Manager at Sitech: “80 steam headers in the ammonia factories had to be replaced, as the pipes had cracked due to the frost. Our regular contractors were under-resourced, so I asked for support from Sitech’s Mechanical Services team. The ten steam headers were replaced quickly and expeditiously. And we’re going to replace the remaining steam headers as well.” The rapid replacement was achieved by ‘prefabbing’ the pipes at the Ebert HERA workshop in Germany. On arrival, they just needed to be installed.

Ready for deployment in an emergency
Jim Suijlen, Service Manager at Sitech, regularly calls on two Mechanical Services technicians to support maintenance. He is very pleased with how this has been going: “Whether they have to make modifications, carry out piping work or maintain gel filters, they are always on hand and highly motivated. It is also nice to be able to rely on these technicians in case of emergencies. They respond quickly. For example, when an extruder shaft was broken or when damage to a crumb rubber buffer vessel was detected during a flush stop. Together with our own technicians, Mechanical Services technicians repaired and delivered it over one weekend. A great shared achievement.”

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