Demonstration of additional services during Fire Brigade & Security Demo Day

In addition to their core activities, our colleagues from Fire Brigade & Security provide additional activities to relieve site users. However, not everyone is aware of this. High time for a demo day! It took place on 24 February 2022 at the Sitech Safety Shop.

For this demo day, we invited site users, but also colleagues to introduce them to our total package of extra services. There were three time blocks of two hours, in which the participants rotated through the various stands. There they received a demonstration of the relevant service and were given the opportunity to ask questions, which resulted in many positive reactions.
Wim Tholen, Manager Operations Day Support

The extra activities in a row

Remediate asbestos
For the remediation of flange gaskets, stuffing box gaskets and spacers in the lowest risk class (class 1), site users can contact the company fire brigade. It has two certified Expert Asbestos Inventors (DIA) to carry out a preliminary inspection. In addition, each fire department has five asbestos remediators who are trained in the Batteryspray method. In addition, they spray a special spray on the gasket during removal. This prevents the release of asbestos fibers.

Drone team
The company fire brigade has its own drone team that is deployed for various purposes. Of course for incident control. The drone is equipped with special cameras with which a fire can be viewed from above in order to extinguish it in a targeted manner. In addition, drones are valuable when inspecting high objects such as columns, cooling works or chimneys. The drone is also useful for surveillance purposes, for example at Turn Arounds. In addition, it is equipped with a thermal imaging camera to visualize heat sources or energy losses.

Ultrasonic Gas Detection
Using ATEX-certified ultrasonic gas detection equipment, the company fire brigade makes gas leaks visually visible. Handy for when you smell gas, but don’t see a leak. Or to detect leaks after a Turn Around. The screen of the device shows where the gas leak is located and how much gas is released.

Mobile gas detection and personal samplers
In order to be able to work safely in an environment in which dangerous gases can be released, it is necessary that these are detected immediately. The Sitech Safety Shop has various resources available for this. Such as personal samplers with different measuring cells. Or the Safer System: mobile gas detection stations that measure the spread of hazardous substances and determine the area of effect. The Safety Shop employees keep the gas detection equipment in top condition by means of recurring tests.

Face Fit testing and safety equipment
Employees of the Sitech Safety Shop are certified to perform Face Fit tests. This allows them to demonstrate to what extent filter masks or breathing air masks offer sufficient protection. Also for asbestos-related work. Because they have the Yellow SafetySign® that indicates that the people responsible for carrying out tests carry out tests in a responsible manner using approved and calibrated measuring equipment. In addition, the Safety Shop has an optician in-house every week who can do a good eye test for gas mask glasses and shows you how to click them in.

Mobile breathing air
The Sitech Safety Shop offers breathing air in many shapes and sizes. From portable cylinders to compressed air vehicles with large cylinders. For complex work in installations that require large amounts of breathing air, the Sitech Safety Shop has mobile Life Support Units. They contain more than 252,000 liters, with which they can provide independent breathing air for a long time.

Camera surveillance and drug & alcohol control
During the demo day, security staff showed their special camera surveillance columns, which are directly connected to the central control room. These are used, among other things, for the security of buildings, storage areas or Chemelot fencing. They also demonstrated special equipment for alcohol checks during Turn Arounds or specific situations. And the specially trained sniffer dogs showed how they can find drugs within seconds in such a situation.


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