Ebert HERA adopts Sitech designation policy (aanwijsbeleid) with direct benefit to customer in Europoort area

The collaboration between Sitech and Ebert HERA is increasingly showing concrete results. For example, Sitech was recently able to use its expertise in preparing a turnaround for a major customer of Ebert HERA Netherlands in the Europoort area. Sitech’s designation policy (aanwijsbeleid) met the customer’s strict requirements in terms of electrical engineering work, according to the audit. Ebert HERA Nederland will adopt this designation policy and the team will be trained in Geleen by partner Electro-Technics.

Shared vision on designation policy
Hans Smeets, Senior Electrical Engineer at Sitech: “The trigger was a visit by our colleague Jan Fix, Manager Operations E&I at Ebert HERA Netherlands. He was organizing electrical engineering training and an appointment policy (aanwijsbeleid) that met the customer’s stringent requirements. Sitech and Ebert HERA then teamed up to talk to the Ebert HERA Netherlands’ customer. Before Ebert HERA Netherlands employees are allowed to work on turnarounds for this customer, they have to get an accepted designation.”

Responsible for contractors during electrical work
Engineer Electrical Jos Habets, installation manager for Ebert HERA Netherlands, says: “in conversation with the customer, we were able to explain our approach regarding the designation policy and associated training. As Sitech, we are responsible for contractors that we commission to carry out electrical work in our customers’ plants. Recognizable for the client and when they heard about our solution to this challenge, we were immediately on speaking terms.” Hans adds: “Moreover, we were able to offer a partnership with our trainer NBD Electro-Technics, to train teams both theoretically and practically.”

Audit passed successfully
As a follow-up to the introductory meeting, the client came to Geleen for an audit. “They looked at our designation policy, our procedures and training. In doing so, we were able to demonstrate how we organize things on Chemelot. After the theoretical part, we took them to our training provider NBD Electro-Technics. An important part of the training is the practice of certain operations in real life situations. For this, they have test set-ups of most relevant installations. We demonstrated some operations so that the client could convince himself of our approach and competence,” says Tim Herresma, Electrical Engineer at Sitech.

Incorporate ground rules client in training
The interviews and audit revealed that the customer has different procedures than we do. Jos: “For example, when it comes to granting permits and permission to secure installations. We adapt the training that Ebert HERA colleagues receive to that. So they can act directly in accordance with the customer’s rules when it comes to electrical engineering, safety and traffic.”

Straight to work
The intention is for Ebert HERA Netherlands employees to be able to start working for customers immediately after their training. Without having to have their knowledge and skills tested again. This saves time and administrative hassle. Jos concludes, “We are confident that the customer will agree to this way of working now that they know how carefully we handle technical safety.”

What is a designation policy (aanwijsbeleid)?
The Occupational Health and Safety Act (Arbowet) prescribes guidelines for working safely in electrical engineering. As an employer, you have to be able to prove that the employee you have performing certain electrical engineering operations are suitable for it. In terms of educational level, but also when it comes to practical skills. Employees receive a ‘designation’ from their employer to perform certain electrotechnical actions. The more theoretical and practical knowledge and experience they have, the more responsibility they are given. So the higher the designation level. How a company handles this and ensures long-term safety is laid down in the designation policy.

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