Gas leaks? Sitech detects them early

A gas leak in a plant is not always easy to find. Employees can smell it, but cannot see or hear where the leak is located. Using ATEX certified ultrasonic gas detection equipment, we detect gas leaks early for you. Our Sitech Fire Brigade & Security experts are happy to visit you for this purpose.

After (dis)assembly of pipes, fittings or other pressure equipment, leaks can occur, for example of nitrogen or compressed air. These are often difficult to find. Sitech Fire Brigade & Security detects gas leaks quickly and reliably using our ATEX-certified ultrasonic gas detection equipment. The monitor of the device shows exactly where the gas leak is located and how much gas is released. This prevents waste and saves costs.

Want to know more about our gas detection service?
Then contact Fire Brigade & Security.
Day Support via 06 – 53 24 66 43 (for more information)
Operational Center via 046 – 476 59 00 (for requests)

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