Guarding limits with operating windows

By continuously examining and monitoring the condition of assets, Sitech engineers can predict the risks of failure. Knowledge used to optimize maintenance and inspection plans. This monitoring is done from various operating windows, such as design, integrity, reliability, safety and quality. Each with its own approach. How does that work in practice?

Technology Manager Peter Bosmans compares it to a motorway. “It is designed in such a way that the police can drive over it at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour without losing grip. Or without causing cracks. However, legally you can drive a maximum of 120 kilometers per hour. And from an environmental point of view, it is even desirable to drive only 100 kilometers per hour. In short, the glasses you use determine whether the speed limit is exceeded. That’s how it works with operating windows.”

Future-proof software

Sitech’s engineers have extensive knowledge of building operating windows. “Each operating window has its own bandwidth,” said Ahmed Mhaoui, Materials & Corrosion/Specialist Risk Based Inspections. “Our engineers monitor and control the limits set per window. If the limit is exceeded, we automatically receive a type of alarm and we determine as a team what action is needed to prevent damage or malfunctions. We use special software for knowledge, reviews, follow-up of actions, evaluations and risk management. Depending on the needs of a customer, we advise which RBI approach and software are most suitable for the future. This is because there is more to it than just simply setting up the separate operating windows, for example for reliability or integrity. We know how these windows can work integrally with each other. So that the total RBI approach is pragmatic and dynamic.”

Do you want to know more about operating windows?
Watch the video: Sitech – Operating Windows

Sitech RBI Best Practice

Sitech has been committed to risk-based inspections (RBI) since 2015. We have developed our own Sitech RBI Best Practice by combining a study of global standards and best practices with the knowledge of RBI experts. And the knowledge of our own engineers in the field of reliability, integrity, materials & corrosion or civil. Our RBI Best Practice is continuously optimized and challenged by the Global Network of RBI.

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